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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What ingredients do you use?
    Our products are a combination of cedarwood, soybean, lemongrass, clove, citronella, thyme and rosemary essential oils! If you’d like a copy of the label of each product, feel free to reach out anytime and we can send it to you.
  • Is the product safe for my family and pets?
    Yes! We take our product choice very seriously and don’t risk the health of our clients, pets, neighbors and applicators!
  • Can I spray my property myself?
    Absolutely! While we are always here to help take the work off your plate, any protection against disease spreading pests is better than no protection at all! Feel free to reach out to get your oils for application on your property.
  • Will rain affect how long the treatment will last?
    If the application has had time to dry before the rain, then no it will not affect the treatment. However, if you are uncomfortable with the amount of mosquito activity you are seeing within two weeks of our original application, call us up for a free retreatment!
  • How often should my property be treated?
    We treat all of our properties on a recurring basis every 3 weeks.
  • Will all the ticks and mosquitos be gone?
    While there are no magic products to kill every single pest, we do guarantee a reduction of 75-90% in mosquito and tick population
  • What are the benefits of granular applications?
    Granules provide a high level of botanical active ingredients which do not wash away in the rain and are not affected when you cut the lawn. This provides longer lasting control for crawling insects like ticks.
  • When can I use my property again after treatment?
    We ask that you wait 30 minutes for the product to dry before using the property again.
  • Will I get notified before you come?
    Yes! We always send an email the day before application to notify you that we will be coming by.
  • How do I pay?
    We accept cash, checks and all major credit/debit cards. You will have access to your personal client portal. This is where you’ll be able to pay any invoices as well as see the schedule for upcoming visits.
  • Do you offer one time treatments for special events like weddings and barbecues?
    Yes! We do offer treatments for special events where we visit the property 10-14 days before the event for the first application and then again for a second application the day before. This ensures the utmost protection for you and your guests!
  • Will a treatment hurt my plants?
    We specifically train our applicators to avoid spraying on blooming and budding plants to avoid any risk of damage to the plant or pollinators. Our products have shown no phytotoxicity towards plants.
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